This page includes Erika’s Publications and links to buy them should you be so interested!


  • Saving All That Remains
    Published November, 2016
    Paranormal Fantasy
    Blurb: College was blessedly normal for Jade—that was until she attended one life-altering party. With outbursts of yellow cat-like eyes, white and protruding fangs, feral and frightening snarls, orange and black striped fur… life is no longer as normal as Jade would have hoped. Burdened with the power to transform into a ferocious tiger, she must venture to the wild jungles of India in an attempt to rediscover and reclaim some kind of normalcy. Little did she expect to encounter an oppressed but thriving society of wild jungle cats. Captivated by beauty and loyalty and the undertow of pain that pervades her jungle home, Jade finds herself thrust into a desperate situation and position of power with the survival of the tigers resting on her striped shoulders. Can she master her fears, overcome her losses, and claw out the courage to bring supremacy and salvation to her newly established family? ¦


  • Dearly Departed [Kindle Edition]
    Short Story–Realistic Fiction
    Blurb: Death and dying. Irene’s life should have been about life and living, but rather she’d faced death and his consequences for most of her existence. Only when finally faced with her own death sentence does she begin to look back at what has happened and why. Ravaged by wasted time and soul crushing emotion, can she discover relief and peace before death’s hand makes his final grasp on her life?
  • Wistor
    Published April, 2010
    Romance Fantasy Adventure
    Blurb: After a daring leap from a swing, Angela finds herself landing in a foreign land, in the courtyard of medieval-looking castle. From there, her life is turned upside down as she traverses the magical land of Wistor, ruled by a domineering queen and her arrogant, but charming son.When she meets a peasant man by the name of Rinket, Angela’s life is altered forever. Intrigued by this man’s personal vendettas, his mysterious past, and his interest in her, Angela finds herself in the middle of an internal struggle between returning home and falling in love. Enchanted by a prince, a peasant, and even dragons, she must decide what she desires and discover where her heart truly resides. ¦


  • Wimsor
    Published November, 2011
    Romance Fantasy Adventure
    Blurb: This thrilling sequel to Wistor takes place many years later.
    Rinket and Angela expected a happily ever after, even if it only lasted for a lifetime. With Terry finally a peaceful king and the kids all growing up so fast… Carl Winsome is destined to be the next king, but John knows that he is has the right to the throne by birth. But when John strikes back, everyone is thrown back into a war, fighting for their freedom. Meanwhile, Levy finds herself in America, stuck in a world of rapid technology and very strange people with even stranger contraptions. She meets old and new friends and must decide where she belongs and to live her happily ever after. Another magical adventure in the land of Wistor that is just begging for a new victim to fly on the back of dragons to the sticky plot boiling up inside. Can the sun set on a happy ending? ¦


  • Brother Planet
    Published March, 2013
    Children’s Book
    Blurb: Ever dreamed of traveling to another planet? Join Lori and Daisy as they rocket through space from Sister Planet to Brother Planet. What will they encounter on this planet filled with boys? Find out in this all new adventure written exclusively for children!