Erika Fitzpatrick is primarily a fiction writer (who likes to dabble is many other forms of writing as well) just outside Salem, OR. She spends her time writing, thinking of new and exciting book ideas, drafting short stories and flash fiction, and drawing inspiration from her surroundings and experiences. She also enjoys outdoor activities, video games (especially fantasy-based ones), and entertaining her mischievous pets. Erika has a master’s in teaching alongside a bachelor’s in writing. As a high school English teacher, she takes her passion for writing and uses it to inspire engaging lessons to help other future writers find their muse.

Her previous publications include the fantasy Wistor series, the children’s book Brother Planet, and several poems and essays and short stories in various literary magazines and compilations.

Erika understands the fundamental idea that a writer never truly masters their art. Each new piece of writing is a leaf on her continually growing tree. She is constantly learning, improving, and experimenting to push herself to grow and succeed in the writing world.

She is also an animal enthusiast. Her latest novel, Saving All That Remains, is just one example of the love she has for animals. If she could afford it (and if space allowed), she’d try to adopt as many homeless animals as possible. It is one of her dreams to someday open a very large, no-kill animal rescue. Erika also plans to continue working to advocate and bring light to the threats that face endangered species, especially the tigers. Tigers hold a very special place in her heart.